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partnering with leaders to change the game from inside the system

Partnering with leaders to change the game from inside the system.

Get To Know Lynnea's Approach

How do I use Strategy and Design to create inclusion, collaboration and results?

I work with your stakeholders and your team to map your realities and aspirations and accelerate your decision-making. I do not tell you what to do.

I take you through a logical and introspective process to bring closure in a manner that accords with your values and needs.


I help you reorganize and optimize business and collaboration processes


We focus on recognizing what unique individuals can contribute and how to bring the best out of them


We align values, perceptions, aspirations, goals into a corresponding map that gives clarity and guidance


We identify core values of individuals and the team as a whole to make sure it is synchronized with business vision and operations

I like to work with leaders who are cause-driven, who have a purpose that they are very passionate about, that makes them influence for a positive future of our planet, people and the youth that is coming behind us.

6 situations when you might need our help

Organization development is a process and depending on the stage of maturity of your organization and current challenges, our interventions will differ. Below you will find the most common situations where clients call us to help.

About Lynnea Brinkerhoff

Lynnea is an organizational advisor, corporate educator and International coach Federation (ICF, PCC) executive and wellness coach.

She brings 25 years of service in operational and strategic roles.

Lynnea focuses on leaders in transition who are seeking greater results and satisfaction in both life and purpose-driven work.

Types Of Work

– One on one

Individual sessions enable to work on your goals and efficiently help you progress.

  • Those sessions can be: 

  • mentoring

  • coaching

  • HR/OD consulting

– Group workshops and facititation

Group work helps teams collaborate better and lets everyone be at the same stage of understanding. Group work includes:

  • strategic visioning

  • training 

  • workshops

  • facilitation

  • team coaching

  • mediation


What I Do

Executive level

Executive Coaching

Unleash your talent with our customized development programs. A series of 1-1 coaching sessions will help you unveil your leadership potential, nourishing your unique style, ensuring best results.

Team level

Training & Development

Through customized training and development programs, we make sure you get the right knowledge and new skills.
Training, workshops, strategic visioning sessions and individual support.

Organization level

Whole System Transformation

Take a diagonal slice of the critical mass of your organization and make fast lasting change in real time with real results.


What My Clients are Saying

Lynnea is a skilled OD professional who builds and maintains trust and delivers results in a variety of roles. As a facilitator, Lynnea has led several strategy and team development sessions for various leadership teams always exceeding expectations. She has led external faculty as a facilitator globally. I also appreciate Lynnea's skill as an executive coach, particularly the depth of her expertise in the Executive Development Intensive. Lynnea's insight and holistic approach is life changing!
— Theresa Zeller, Executive Director, MMD Learning and Development at Merck
Lynnea is a highly skilled executive coach with active listening expertise and keen critical question focus. As I am transitioning my career trajectory, her collaborative approach and keen insights were most helpful to me in expanding my own thought processes for proceeding through my next professional steps. I greatly appreciated her positive perspective!
— Frances Arricale, Executive Manager
Through much research and trial sessions with multiple coaches, we gratefully found our way to Lynnea Brinkerhoff. Our business with 2 founders had reached a critical stage of needing to figure out how to grow and support each other in the next stage of business development and change. Lynnea acted as coach, mentor, and an inspiration through the process. She helped us talk through some deep differences and learn new communication skills. She helped us remember our history and our shared vision and passion for the business. Drawing from an extremely diversified background and education experience, she’s able to represent two different and seemingly conflicting components of a problem and find a shared link. I highly recommend her for conflict management, igniting your passion and vision in your business, and how to open up your mind to lead and get along with all different types of people.
— Jennifer Lightstone, Owner, Psoas Massage + Bodywork
I worked with Lynnea over the course of several months in preparation to taking a work gap-personal sabbatical mid career. She was indispensable to my making this decision and transition! Her executive VIP immersion session brought me the necessary personal shift i needed to move more comfortably and quickly into exploring "what's next". Lynnea has an incredibly deep understanding and knowledge base of all facets of organizational development and leadership that she expertly draws from while continuously customizing and adapting in a wholistic approach to meet the client/individual needs I would absolutely recommend working with her both individually as well as for work place development needs.
— Dr. Jennifer Purcell, Director of Education at The Culinary Institute of America
After I was unexpectedly let go from my Job I was put in contact with Lynnea to help me transition into a new job. From the moment I first met with her I could tell she had a vested interest in my success. She provided me with the tools needed to land a new job quickly. She was attentive, positive, and gave great advice. Within two weeks of working with her I landed a new job. I would recommend Lynnea as a Transition Coach to anyone!
— Zack DeNovellis Credit and Collections Manager at Tesla
Have had the pleasure of engaging Lynnea in the recent facilitation of a complex organization learning design workshop. Lynnea applied her unique skills in ensuring that the engagement of participants and energy level throughout the three day workshop remained at a peak performance level. Lynnea is highly sensitive to the flow of energy in the room, creating an environment that ensures each person is heard and that the inputs of breakout groups are well integrated. Would strongly recommend Lynnea as an impartial external facilitator.
— Dhiren Doshi, Director Learning - Global Supply Chain at Colgate-Palmolive Company
Lynnea was contracted to facilitate an interactive hour-long session on Growth Mindset and pull-through components the rest of the day, with my team at our annual meeting in January 2019. Her work was built on evidence-based, scientifically proven research conducted by Dr. Carol Dweck, professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Lynnea worked diligently to create a safe and fun place to experiment and make new observations about ourselves and the team to help each other understand the effects of being in Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset. Overall positive responses from our team team as they learned the science behind Growth and Fixed Mindsets, as well as how to recognize when it is happening ‘to us’, and how to manage our reactions. Lynnea also shared ways to pull through Growth Mindset in our day-to-day interactions, so that we are ‘leaner’ in our interactions. We can get to the heart of the matter quicker.
— Sandra Wilson, Associate Director, Merck & Co. Inc.
Lynnea is a super woman with a knowledge and powerful delivery of her content. We had the opportunity to utilise her knowledge and skills with some of the clients I work with. She used the five questions model by John Schrer and we benefited immensely. Lynnea will bring a new perspectives of working styles, attitude and change with ease and make you realise to look at the world with a real glasses. She is a Gold for a consulting world !!
— Mohanakrishnan Raman, Managing Director at Stepup Strategic Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
My co-founder and I engaged Lynnea to help us work through the typical stuff that was interfering with an optimal co-founder relationship. Lynnea was instrumental in helping us accomplish that. She enabled us to speak honestly and completely candidly to each other with a focus on creating a better future and a stronger partnership. We arrived at some discoveries that I don't believe we would have without her expert facilitation. The end result is that we feel aligned and re-focused on what we need to do to continue growing our business on a strong foundation. Thank you, Lynnea!
— James Sheppard, Entrepreneur and Digital Innovation Advisor
I just finished a two year period of working closely with Lynnea to become a better leader for my business and to better serve my clients. I couldn't more highly recommend her. She is sharp, empathetic, intelligent, witty, a great listener, and an even better "question asker." If you are looking for someone to serve as your coach and encourager, she should be at the top of your list!
— Andrew Rasmussen, CFP®, Wealth Management Advisor at Northwestern Mutual -- Rasmussen Financial Group

How Do We Collaborate On a New Project?

1. Scoping session & assessment of the situation

We meet for the first session to formulate your challenge or need and assess how we could help you.

We map necessary stakeholders who can affect the successful outcome.

Session can be online or face to face, depending on the preferences and possibilities.

2. Diagnosis and planning of the work

Our work together can be:

  • A series of coaching sessions with precise objectives and goals towards which you want to work
  • Skill building – development program for you and/or your team that comprises of mix of individual and group sessions. Each session has clear objectives and goals that you want to achieve.
  • A series of consultations regarding your current needs

3. Review of scope/continuation or termination of cycle

We review the ROI from this project by answering the following questions:

  • What are the outcomes?
  • What are the tangible business results?
  • What else needs to be done?
  • What other interventions would be beneficial?

We make sure that the organization is left in better condition that we found it and never longer than we need to.

An interview with Lynnea - why she does what she does

For over 25 years of practice, I've built a team of extraordinary and talented consultants, coaches and OD professionals.

We are willing to take the challenge and work with your organization to bring it to the next level.

Reach out to us!